Workouts to Become a Better Volleyball Player

workouts to become a better volleyball player

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Volleyball is a dynamic sport that needs players to be strong, fast, and agile. Like any sport, players who are in shape can dominate any game. Volleyball is going to test your whole body, but there is a particular focus on the muscles in the shoulders, core, and legs. If you want to make sure your body is ready, you’re going to need the best home exercise equipment and the right workouts. Here’s what you have to do:



workouts to become a better volleyball player planks

Planks will help you target your core which will help you play better on the court. Having a strong core will help you perform attacks, blocks, and passes better. To perform planks, here’s what you have to do:


  •         Start from the push-up position with your elbows at a 90-degree angle. Your forearms should be touching the floor.
  •         Your legs should be locked while your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Your head, back, and legs should be aligned.
  •         You should keep your core engaged. Don’t raise or dip your hips.
  •         You should maintain this position for 30 – 45 seconds.


If you need to make the planks more difficult, try increasing the time in that position, or you could try using just one foot at a time when supporting your body.



Burpees are a movement that can target the whole body including your arms, chest, legs, and core. Burpees should be done in one continuous motion. To perform one burpee, this is what you need to do:

  •    Start from an athletic stance, then drop into a push-up position.
  •     Perform a push-up letting your chest touch the ground, then go back up to starting position (athletic stance).
  •        From the athletic position, jump with hands raised above the head (like in a volleyball blocking position) and clap.

Once you finish one motion, that’s a burpee. You should do five sets with ten reps for each set.


Ski Jumps

Agility is vital to success on the volleyball court, especially when there’s a need to transition from defense to offense. Ski Jumps are a good exercise to work on your agility. Here’s what you need to do:


  •         Find an area at home where you can draw a line that’s at least 15 yards long.
  •         Start the position with feet together.
  •         Proceed to jump from side to side over the line as you’re moving forward.
  •    Keep your feet together while you do this.


To increase difficulty, you can jump forward then backward. You can also try jumping on one foot. Perform six sets with fifteen jumps each.


Lateral Shoulder Lift To Press

workouts to become a better volleyball player lateral shoulder lift to press

Shoulder injuries are common to volleyball players because of the constant arm swings when hitting the ball. One way a player can avoid injury to his/her shoulders is by strengthening the muscles there through the lateral shoulder lift to press. Here’s what you have to do:


  •         Start from an athletic stance. Have weights in each hand and keep your arms slightly bent. In unison, lift your arms until they’re level with your shoulders.
  •         Once the elbows are even with the shoulders, move your arms from a vertical position to a lateral one. Your fist should be facing the ceiling. Remember to keep your elbows leveled with your shoulders.
  •         Push the weights up until your elbows are locked.
  •         Reverse the motion slowly until you reach your original position.


You need quality reps when doing this exercise and you should take your time doing this routine. Keep a slow, consistent motion for the best results. Do three sets with 10 reps each.


Broad Jumps

A powerful, explosive jump is essential for powerful hits, jump serves, and blocks. With broad jumps, you can improve your explosiveness. Here’s what you have to do to perform broad jumps:


  •         Same as the ski jumps, mark a 15-yard area. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent slightly, and your arms positioned at the sides.
  •         Keep your feet parallel to one another, then squat down and swing both arms in unison as you’re jumping.
  •         Both of your feet should land together, and at the same time you should keep them at the shoulder-width apart. Once landing, repeat the motion.


Perform six sets with 10 forward broad jumps for each set.
With these exercises, your volleyball performance will improve. For additional equipment, check out!

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