Spring Cleaning Your Diet

66 spring cleaning your diet

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A new season and new dietary considerations.

Spring is in the air. It’s a time of cleaning things up, discarding the unwanted, and eating healthy. If your food intake hasn’t been as prioritized as it should be, this is the time to re-emphasize it in order to move forward with your fitness goals.

Even if you think that your diet is relatively good, we’re going to show you some common health-saboteurs which can really muck up your health and fitness journey.


Cooking Oils

66 spring cleaning your diet olive oil

It can seem innocent enough—maybe you’re putting together a base for your organic salad, or, perhaps you’re simply sautéing some asparagus that you just purchased at the local farmer’s market.

But let’s face it, if you’re like most people, a few drops of cooking oil just isn’t going to do it, so you end up pouring more than you’re conscious of. Cooking oils might not look fatty, but even a single tablespoon has over 100 calories and contains around 14 grams of fat. No Bueno.

Try using a spray bottle for your oil needs, and fill it with either canola, olive, or coconut oil. That way, you’ll still get the benefit of enjoying those healthy fats without overdoing it.

Whole Wheat

There is a common misconception out there that if it’s wheat, you can’t go wrong. While many people are now aware of the dangers of refined wheat, whole wheat usually gets an undeserved pass.

Unfortunately, in many cases supposedly “whole” wheat has been pulverized into a fine powder. The result is that the grain can now more easily be absorbed into your stomach walls, which can greatly spike-up sugar levels.

Wheat is also high in gluten, a protein which some people are sensitive to. Common adverse effects include fatigue, body pains, and digestive problems.

Switching to a whole grain bread, such as 17 grain (or 17 grains and seeds), where you can feel the grainy texture and actually see the grains, can be a much more healthy alternative.


Processed Foods

66 spring cleaning your diet processed foods

If you take a look around the world, particularly at Mediterranean regions, you’ll notice a peculiar absence of fast food chains on every other block. You’ll also realize that going out to eat isn’t a race to see who can stuff their gullets the fastest and then move onto something else. It’s a time to experience the joy that comes from eating a great meal and relaxing.

In the U.S., food has become reflective of our need for convenience as well as our “go, go, go” lifestyle. Unfortunately in many cases, the only place many people end up going is to the hospital.

Although many of the food Americans eat are more convenient, and mostly, processed. Instead of eating whole foods from the local countryside, we tend to eat foods that were shipped in from across the country, and/or manufactured and processed at some food plant.

Many of these contain harmful preservatives for their long journeys, or ingredients that are just straight up bad for your body. Eating too many of these can result in higher rates of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and many other obesity-related diseases.

Instead, do as the Mediterranean’s do and focus on whole (locally produced or organic) foods, fresh fruits and veggies from your local farmer’s market, organic dairy products, and lots of olive oil and garlic.

A good rule of thumb is that foods which look like they naturally occur in nature are usually better for you, whereas stuff that looks like it was pumped out of a factory—not so much.


Throwing Away Egg Yolks

66 spring cleaning your diet egg yolk protein
Many so-called nutrition experts have a long track record of erroneously blacklisting many foods that are actually good for you. Such is the case with egg yolks.

Although egg yolks do indeed contain cholesterol, studies have proven that cholesterol in a person’s diet, doesn’t dictate how much of it is in their bloodstream. Egg yolks also don’t increase the risk of heart disease.

Egg yolks in particular, are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, protein, and vital nutrients that are important for ocular (eye) health. So don’t throw out the yolks.

Spring For a Better You

66 spring cleaning your diet better you

Cleaning up your diet can go a long way. Provide your body with healthy alternatives. Getting rid of bad habits is always the way to go!

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