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49 mega pump

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Some useful tips on how to end your workouts with a bang.


Have you ever noticed people (usually guys) talking about getting a “nice pump” at the gym, so that they can look pumped-up later that evening after a good workout?

Even if you’re a female, it’s always nice to have some nice sculpted thighs and calves to check out, right?

Well, all of that comes from “getting your pump on,” so to speak. Getting your body’s blood supply flowing to the right places in order to affect a nice, pumped-up aesthetic can do wonders for one’s self-esteem and confidence.

So how exactly do you maintain that pumped-up look on throughout the evening? We’ve got some valuable exercises that will flood your muscles with blood in order to give you that fuller look.

Not only that, but these will also help in inducing muscle hypertrophy and proper muscle building. And while those muscles are getting more toned and sculpted you’ll also be burning more fat at the same time.


#1 Push-Up Madness

49 mega pump push up

Make your arms and chest throb with this great upper-body blast routine.

Diamond Push-ups:

Kneel down so that you’re resting on your knees. Lean forward and place your hands on the floor so that they meet just beneath your head/neck and are touching each other. Your thumb and index fingers should be facing each other and form a diamond shape. This is the starting position.

Lower your upper body so that the top of your chest hits your hands. Push back upwards, and then repeat.

Do 14 – 16 reps.

Decline Wide-Grip Pushups:

Kneel down and rest your knees on the floor in front of a workout bench. Assume a standard push-up position so that your hands are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

Now kick your legs back and upwards so that your feet are resting on the workout bench. Your toes should be pointing down on the bench. Now widen your hands further, one by one, so that they are approximately 1.5 X the width of your shoulders. Your chest should be touching the floor. This is your starting position.

Push your body upwards and focus on contracting your pecs and shoulders, and keep your core tight.

Perform 12 – 14 reps, or until failure.

Rock out 4 sets of each of these exercises and alternate between them. Rest for 30 seconds between each set.

# 2 Chest Crushers

49 mega pump chest crushers

Polish a chest workout off in style and get that super-toned and vascular look for your pecs with these fun exercises.

Machine Seated Chest Flys:

Seat yourself on a chest fly machine. Reach back with both hands and grasp the fly handles on each side of your body. Your feet should be firmly planted on the floor in front of your and point out slightly at 45 degree angles. This is your starting position.

Concentrating on your pectoral muscles, bring the fly handles together until the touch, hold for a second, then guide them back to their starting positions. Keep a good rigorous pace but don’t use the momentum to help swing the fly handles.

Perform 16 – 18 reps.

Smith Machine Incline Chest Presses:

Sit down on a Smith machine incline bench. Now reach up and grasp the barbell firmly so that your hands are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. This is the start position.

Lift off and unrack the bar. Bring the bar down so that it touches your chest. Now explode and press the bar back upwards but keep a little bend in your elbows. Repeat for a total of 14 – 16 reps.

Rotate between these two chest exercises and perform 4 sets in total for each. Take 25 second breaks in-between sets.

# 3 Leg Finishers

49 mega pump leg finishers

Finish off those legs with these quad-expanding exercises.

Seated Leg Presses: Sit down in a leg press machine and place your feet approximately shoulder width apart on the leg press ramp. Keep your head up and shoulders back. This is your starting position.

Press the ramp upwards so that you un-rack the weight. Now bring the ramp down by bending at your knees until they come close to touching your chest. Explode back upwards by pressing the ramp up until your knees are almost completely straight. Repeat for a total of 14 – 16 reps.

Vertical Leap Plyometrics: Stand with your feet approximately shoulder-width apart. Lift your arms and interlace your fingers behind your neck so that your palms are facing inward. This is the start position.

Squat down so that your quads are parallel with the floor. Then contract your quads while you explode back up enough to leap 2” to 4” inches into the air (based on ability level). Come back down into the squatting position.

Repeat these exercise for a total of 10 – 12 reps.

Perform both of these exercises for a total of 4 sets each while alternating between them.

Time to Pump You Up

These muscle-blasting exercise finishers really allow you to get more out of either your upper or lower body workouts. Not only that, but they will really give you that nice pumped-up (and vascular) look that everyone strives for. Try them—you will quickly see the results.

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