Fitness Tips For Pregnant Women

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Being pregnant means your body is going to have a lot of extra needs so you can maintain proper health and nutrition. Part of being healthy also includes being able to exercise regularly while eating a variety of food for a balanced diet. If you have the best home exercise equipment, here’s what you can do to meet your fitness needs even if you’re pregnant:

Consult Your Doctor

Before you decide to start hitting the gym, it’s important that you get the green light from your physician first. Your doctor is going to have accurate information on your body’s current condition. Follow his/her advice and recommendations so you can stay on track for both your pregnancy and your fitness goals.

Keep Your Activities Safe

Pregnant women working out in a gym.

If you have a regular fitness routine prior to your pregnancy, you may still continue what you were doing. But, if any of those routines are high risk, it’s best to pick something new. It’s important to note the changes that your body going through during your pregnancy.

One change is your body starts producing the hormone relaxin that softens joints and ligaments to help aid in childbirth. This means you have to stretch after your routine and should remember never to overextend joints because that can lead to injury.

Follow a Routine

Plan your workout for the week. Daily exercise can help reduce back pains and belly aches. It can help you sleep more soundly at night and brighten your mood. Having a regular exercise routine while you’re pregnant can help promote muscle tone and strength which can help you cope with labor and can allow your body to recover post-pregnancy.

Warm Up Before and Cool Down After Your Routine

Don’t start right off with your routine; you have to prepare your muscles and joints first. You should increase and decrease your heart rate slowly. Leaping right into exercise can strain muscles and ligaments which can lead to aches and pains after a workout.

Choose Exercises That’s Right for You

Low-impact and low-risk exercises are what you need. Try biking, swimming, yoga, pilates, aerobics, or dance. High-risk sports and high-impact exercises are out of the question. If there’s something you want to try, either consult a doctor first or use your common sense if you think the exercise can cause you harm.

Perform Pelvic Floor Exercise

The pelvic floor muscle is a layer of muscle that supports your uterus and helps maintain bowel and bladder movement. During pregnancy, this muscle is going to be under a lot of stress. Daily pelvic floor exercises can keep your back strong, flatten out your tummy after you give birth, and help relieve the bowel and bladder problems associated with pregnancy.

Make Sure You’re Sufficiently Hydrated

Before you were pregnant, staying hydrated while exercising is important. Now it’s much more vital as you go through pregnancy. Have enough water for you and your baby; have a cup of water for every 20 minutes of your workout, even if you don’t feel thirsty yet. Pay attention to your temperature and cool down when necessary.

Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

Moms need to eat for two – for themselves and their babies. Eat food with Vitamin B6 like bananas and whole grains which encourage red blood cell formation. Food like sweet potatoes and carrots are good for growing bones. Salmon and spinach are full of calcium which can help prevent bone loss and help in the development of your baby’s bones.

Have Adequate Rest

Pregnant woman sleeping in bed.

Resting is important. Take short naps in the middle of the day to recover energy so you can continue to do the activities that you can enjoy doing.

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