How Your Nutrition Affects Your Exercise Routine

how your nutrition affects your exercise routine

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Whether you’re working on your cardio, strength, resistance, or flexibility, your muscles are going to need proper nutrition from your diet. Your body is going to need fuel before and after your workout. Your diet can affect your recovery after you exercise, the quality of your performance, and your overall fitness goals.


If you want to give your all the next time you work on the Smith Cage Machine, it’s important to get the right nutrition from your diet. Here are the nutrients your body needs and what they can do for you:



Carbohydrates provide the energy that your muscles need to work. Starches and sugars are sources of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates are burned as fuel while you exercise, and is also stored in your liver and muscles as glycogen; this is used by the muscles so they can continue to perform.


After your workouts, glycogen needs to be should be replenished by eating foods containing high carbohydrates. This will speed up your recovery so you can be ready to start your next workout.



how your nutrition affects your exercise routine protein

Regarding exercise, protein serves several purposes. Protein is a major component of muscle tissue. It helps build new muscle fibers and repairs damaged tissue. Having enough protein in your diet can help you build muscle mass and to increase your strength over time. Protein is also composed of amino acids that can help muscles recover faster so you can be prepared to work out again.


Vitamins and Minerals

The vitamins and minerals in your body are important for several functions that are critical to your exercise routine. Vitamins and minerals are also used for the production of energy and muscle contraction.


Iron is one vitamin that your muscles need to continue to work. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout your body. The oxygen is carried by the iron-rich proteins, and without sufficient iron in your body, less and less oxygen can make it to your working muscles, and you can start to feel tired more easily.


To help you absorb more iron, Vitamin C intake will help you absorb more iron. Low levels of this vitamin can directly affect the iron levels in your body. Sodium can help balance fluids in your cells; fluid balance helps you prevent muscle cramps.



how your nutrition affects your exercise routine water

Water is essential. Proper hydration replaces lost fluids through sweat and breathing. Water helps keep your heart rate from getting too high, and regulates your body temperature. Too much fluid loss can lead to excess heart rates and your core temperature could reach dangerous levels. Drinking water before, during, and after your routine can help keep your body in proper shape.


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