The Marcy Squat Rider Squat Machine for Stronger Legs

Last Updated on April 20, 2022 by MarcyPro

The Marcy Squat Rider Machine XJ-6334 is a squat assist machine that works out your glutes and core. To a lesser extent, your upper body muscles are also activated during a workout (shoulder / arm muscle.) This new way to exercise helps improve your form and adds resistance to your squat workout without the need for bulky weights.

What Muscles do squats work? Squat exercises are a great workout for your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and more leg muscles.

Many consider squats a must for any workout routine that includes your legs / lower body. They are definitely a key workout for those working on a bigger or firmer butt and stronger hamstrings. And, adding resistance to your workout will improve calorie burn and muscle growth.

The Marcy Squat Rider could be used without resistance bands to simulate a bodyweight squat. The unit also includes 3 resistance bands on the underside of the seat that can add resistance to your workout. Simply latch 1 of the resistance bands on the underside to increase the resistance! The maximum of three resistance bands will have you working hard to complete your workout!

Each resistance band adds about 13 lbs of resistance. However, this is progressive resistance, meaning at the beginning of your squat, the resistance is lower. Towards the end, as the tube becomes more taut, the resistance increases.

Proper squat form is hard to come by without a little help. You may improve your form by reading articles, watching videos online, or by working with someone on your form. Keep your feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees, go until your thighs are parallel to the floor, etc.. Though these methods of improving your form would work, you can get instant proper form by using the Marcy Squat Rider.

Proper form allows you to maximize every rep of any exercise because all the correct muscles are activated during the workout. As a result, proper form helps you build muscle faster and for weighted squats especially, proper form protects your knee joints from wear and tear.

The unique shape of the squat rider ensures the user will keep proper form throughout the workout. Because of the low starting position of the seat, it may initially feel a bit odd using this assistance tool for their workout. But, once you get accustomed to the starting position, you’ll have proper form in no time!

Speaking of the shape of this cardio device, it is also very light and compact. At about 28 lbs, you can easily fold the unit and put it away after each use. It is ideal for tight spaces; especially if you’d prefer to workout at home instead of the gym.

Another advantage of using this machine over using Kettlebell weights or a barbell is the included LCD computer display. You can easily keep track of time, reps, and calories! It’s a surefire way to turn off your mind while you workout and quickly keep track of your progress at the end of each workout.

After you build enough confidence and strength with the assistance of this device, you can move on to adding exercise variations without it. These variations will depend on the exercise equipment you have on hand or are willing to purchase. Some squat variations include:

  • Pistol Squats – Nothing needed for this one! Adding these to workout will help increase stability and strength
  • Box Squats – a plyobox or secure bench / seat is needed. This variation will put your skills to the test as losing your moment during the movement makes the entire exercise harder, but more rewarding!
  • Barbell Back Squats / Front Squats – an Olympic barbell or standard barbell is needed. But, you know this variation, and you’re probably trying to avoid it by purchasing this type of machine!

The Marcy Squat Rider is perfect for new users and experienced users alike. Once you’re used to using it and are ready to grow your garage gym, Marcy is here for you. carries smith machines, exercise bikes, kettlebells and many more items to help you start or continue your fitness journey. Visit for more cardio machines like this one!

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