Should You Perform Exercise in the Morning or at Night?

should you perform exercise in the morning or at night

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When it comes to exercise, does it pay off more to be an early bird? Some experts are of the opinion that working out in the morning is better than at night, while there are those that say that exercise is better at night. While there are pros and cons for both, ultimately, when you work out it’s you to decide.


So if you have the best home exercise equipment and you’re not sure when you should workout, here are the pros and cons of working out in the morning and at night:


Working Out in the Morning

should you perform exercise in the morning or at night working out in the morning


  1. Energy Boost for the Rest of your Day

Exercise boosts your endorphins and other mood-elevating chemicals in your body as your day goes on. Morning exercise keeps your energy at a high level throughout the day and helps keep your mind sharp and alert.


  1. Better Sleep at Night

Morning workouts reduce blood pressure at night which can help you sleep longer. Compared to exercises in the afternoon or at night, morning exercise can provide more beneficial sleep cycles.


  1. Helps You Stick to a Routine

If you’re planning to make regular exercise a habit, morning exercise helps you stick to that routine. You’ll be less likely to skip out on exercise because the likelihood of schedule conflicts are less in the morning.



  1. You Have to Get Up Early

If you’re not someone who is an early riser, getting out of bed to workout might be difficult on your part. If you have to force yourself to get out of bed, you might give your best effort. Also, you have to be careful as not to disrupt your sleep schedule because that can lead to being sleep deprived.


  1. You Need More Time to Warm Up

Your muscles and joints might be stiff in the morning, so you got to have more time to warm up. Especially if you’re planning to perform rigorous movements, a warm up is essential.


Working Out at Night

should you perform exercise in the morning or at night working out at night


  1. You Start the Day Calmer

You don’t have to force yourself to get out of bed or disrupt your sleep schedule. Also, if you have a 9 to 5 job, you don’t have to stress yourself by packing a change of clothes, post-workout breakfast, or rushing to work.


  1. Better Stress Relief

After the day runs its course, you can be under stress from work, your commute, or other things. Working out in the evening is a good way of blowing off steam and relax.


  1. Your Body is More Prepared

Unlike the morning when your body is stiffer, your body is more ready for workouts. Joints and muscles are flexible in the evenings, which means you’re less prone to injury.


  1. You Can Work Out Longer

With all your other activities done for the day, you can spend more time working out at night. You can have a better warm up, and you can have longer rests between your sets.



  1. More Distractions

Last minute dinner plans or a night out with co-workers or friends can mean you’re more likely to put off exercise at night. Also, if you’ve had an exceptionally long day, you can feel like you don’t have the energy to workout anymore.


  1. Crowded Gyms

If you don’t have your own equipment yet, working out at your local fitness center might be a challenge because these facilities are more crowded at the end of the day.


  1. Sleep Trouble

If you work too close to your bedtime, the quality of your sleep might decline. Exercise can also heighten the levels of your stress hormones which can make it difficult to fall asleep. Just make sure that when you exercise at a later time in the day, it’s not too close to bedtime.


Regardless of what time you choose, make sure you’re comfortable with your schedule and stick with it. If you need the best home exercise equipment so you can have workouts any time of the day, check out!


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